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Save time and money with an automated, professional and FREE software to manage tournaments and leagues

Subscriptions, Memberships and Data Base

Create as many categories as you need.

Easily manage  subscriptions and payments.

Control memberships for your tournaments and leagues.

Grow your players data base.


Choose how you want your draws for each category:

Professional, flexible and easy to use knockout brackets and group formations.

Automatic and manual options for seeds selection.

Schedule and Scores

Schedule matches by day, time and court, in an organized and practical way.

Use our score board on match days:


Choose points for each place and have updated rankings for all tournaments.

Use different values for each tournament, or the same for all, it’s up to you.

Mix tournament ranking with challenge competition, keep your players engaged.

Challenge Competition

Players challenge each other for ranking points.

Flexible challenging rules.

Decide if players can schedule matches and register their own scores.

Indicators and Head to Head

Easily access all tournaments and match scores history

See charts about palyers’ performances

And comparisons between players with the H2H analysis

Notifications and Employees

Everyone needs help sometimes, right? That’s why we have these 2 important features for you:

leegues-financeiro (1)

Financial control

Have control ofyour competitions’ finances. Analyze graphs and data to better understand your costs and revenues, essential for decision making.

Some examples of available data:

Profit margin

Revenue, costs and average profit per subscription

Revenue, costs and average profit per match

Manage tournaments and leagues with the best tools

All you need to organize high quality competitions

What people say

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Minas Tênis Clube
Minas Tênis Clube
Alexandre Rabelo
Read More
Have been using Leegues on Minas Tênis Clube since 2017, on both tennis and squash tournaments. The software helped much on the club's tournament management, it is easy to use, intuitive, and easily accessible to players. We reduced time, spreadsheets, manual emails and calls.
Confederação Brasileira de Beach Tennis
Confederação Brasileira de Beach Tennis
Jorge Bierrenbach
Read More
Leegues helps a lot in organizing tournaments for the Brazilian Beach Tennis Federation. It facilitates in all stages, registration, draws, results, rankings and communication with players. Awesome tool!
Academia Patrícia Tênis
Academia Patrícia Tênis
Patrícia Lima
Read More
Super efficient software, the support always dedicated to helping. I have been using it for over 3 years and it is super recommended!
Federação Mineira de Tênis de Mesa
Federação Mineira de Tênis de Mesa
Renato Belisário
Read More
Our experience with Leegues in more than 20 tournaments in the years 2017, 2018 and 2019 was fantastic in several aspects: Effective propagation of events, facilitated registration of players even though they are in different cities, great draw generating system with prior disclosure of confrontations, appointment of scores during events and online disclosure. Summing up, the software gave us credibility and professionalism in the management of events.
Associação dos Tenistas de Soledad
Associação dos Tenistas de Soledad
Amaro Brum
Read More
The software optimizes our processes, managing subscriptions and matches, generating draws, schedules, and much more.Everything is very easy, making the organization of tournaments a task not so stressful, and mainly give us agility in the communication between the athletes and the tournament organizers. Whenever it was necessary, I was helped by a very fast and practical support, I always recommend it to my colleagues who organize tournaments throughout Rio Grande.
Badminton Badbons
Badminton Badbons
Alexandre Oliveira
Read More
My experience with the platform has been incredible, it is super complete and has given us the possibility to easily manage all of our tournaments, from letting people know about the tournaments, to managing payments, draws, schedules and rankings. All that gave our tournaments greater credibility. We highly recommend it.

FAQ on tournaments and leagues management software

Hell yeah! No hidden fees, no credit card required, nothing.

Make the most out of all our tools!

Promote your business, tournaments and leagues

Manage subscriptions and memberships, in a simple and organized way

Professional draws with awesome knockout brackets and many format options

Easily manage match  schedules and scores

Always have your rankings updated

Automate your comunication with your players

Keep track of all records from previous tournaments and leagues

As many as you want. Regardless of the size and number of tournaments you manage, feel free to use all our tools!

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Single elimination

Double elimination

Single group

Round Robin

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Players don’t need to register, you only need their names. However, they will have a higher engagement with your competitions if you register their email.

When you register players with their email, if they don’t already have an account created, we do it automatically and send an email to them with the login details.

No. You only need to create your login details.

You will easily access everything from any computer, tablet or mobile.

Off course, we don’t joke over here! Well, sometimes we do, but not about that.

We are sports lovers, being able to provide an awesome tool accessible to everyone is our greatest joy!

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