Badminton rules: scoring, service, faults, singles, doubles and more


Badminton rules

Continuing our series, today we will understand how the main basic badminton rules, scoring, intervals, services and faults.

Scoring system for badminton

Badminton matches, in general, are played in a best of 3 games. Each game consists of 21 points, with the obligation to win by 2 points difference. In the event of a 20-point tie, the player who opens a 2-point lead wins the game. The exception is a tie at 29 points, where the player who scores 30 will be the winner.


In any of the games, when the first player, or double, reaches 11 points, there is an interval of one minute. Between games, the interval is two minutes.

badminton rules

Badminton serve rules

Serves are always on the diagonal. At the beginning of a match, the player who is going to serve must position himself inside the service area on the right side of the court. In the first game there is a draw to decide who will serve.

In the following games, serves first who has won the previous one. Whoever wins the point continues to serve, just reversing their position on the court. The receiver can only move after the shuttlecock has been hit.

Main faults on Badminton:

  1. Touch the net while the shuttlecock is in play;
  2. Hit the shuttlecock on the ceiling or drop it outside the court lines;
  3. Invade or hit the shuttlecock on the opposite side of the net;
  4. Striking the shuttlecock twice on the same side of the court;
  5. Bad behavior on the part of the player;
  6. In case of a doubles match, the receiver’s partner receives the serve;
  7. Make the movement to serve and miss the shuttlecock.
  8. It is not considered a fault, or even an error, when the shuttlecock hits the net and falls on the opposite side. As long as it falls into the service area, the service is valid.

Some common questions about badminton rules:

How many touches can you give in Badminton?

Only one touch is allowed on each side of the court.

How many players participate in Badminton?

Badminton is played between two or four players, singles or doubles.

How to score in badminton?

It is possible to score points in badminton in two ways:

  1. When the shuttlecock falls / touches the ground, on the side of the opponent’s court;
  2. The opponent misses, unable to pass the shuttle to his side, or hitting it off the court.

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