Logo Download & Branding

Feel free to download our logo and display it on your website, banners and social media campaigns

Leegues logo can be used in two ways. A blue colored logo, preferably on a white background. A white logo, preferably on a blue background.

Do it!

Our primary logo is the blue one, preferably use it on a white background. In case you want to display our logo on a colored background, then use the white logo.

Get enough space around the logo. Make sure it stands alone and no other elements are within it.

The logo may be displayed on all formats. Just make sure it is clearly visible and legible at all times!

Don't do it!

Don’t change the logo, like placing text above it, changing white space or adding elements.

Don’t use it as your own.

Don’t use it in a context considered unstastefull, illegal or in any other way that could be harmful to Leegues image.

HEX (#5775BD)
RGB (87, 117, 189)
CMYK (82,55,0,0)

Primary color

HEX (#85BE23)
RGB (133, 190, 35)
CMYK (69, 0, 100, 0)

Secondary color

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